Angel Wings - The Dark Angels (10)


This spread comes with one of my all time favorite decks The Dark Angels Tarot. It is in the LWB.

The cards are laid out in the pattern of wings:


Cards 1, 2 & 3: The Secret Heart
These cards illuminate the question, they show the secrets that form the basis of the query, its importance in life of the questioner and its reverberation through their lives.

Cards 4, 6 & 8: The Wing of Darkness
These cards show the fears that the secret generates, the doubts that hold the questioner back from answering the question.

Cards 5, 7 & 9: The Wing of Light
These cards reveal the hopes that the secret generates, the desires that spur the questioner on toward answering the question.

Card 10: The Head
This card shows the resolution of the question, the path of harmony between the hope and the fear, and how the answer to the question may be achieved through understanding of the secret that dwells within the heart.

I sometimes find that a bit complicated so I often use a simplified version:


1. Angel Heart: Feelings, emotions. Spirituality, faith, guidance.
2. Left Wing: Dark, hidden, unknown, unconscious, secret. Sometimes past influences. Fears.
3. Right Wing: Conscious and known. Sometimes future influences. Hopes.
4. Angel Head: Thoughts, facts, understanding. What you need to *do*. Creativity.


Although I'm not used to reading larger spreads I tried this tonight and it's incredibly accurate. My cards 1-9 couldn't have been more true although I'm struggling to pull it all together with card 10 so I'm going to ponder on it for a day or so and probably post in the Reading section for clarification.

Amazing spread though!


Oh, I´m really glad to hear that Seahorse. I love this deck *so* much. But I must say I´ve not always found the spread very easy to interpret which is why I use the shorter version myself.

If you decide to post a reading in Your Readings please post a link for us here. I´d love to see how it works.