angelarium oracle


is anyone else excited for this deck? what are your thoughts about this deck?

also am i correct in thinking it will be released in april in uk and september in the us? or does amazon usually fudge this up? idk i only have 4 decks so far and i'm not well informed about release dates in the tarot community. im really hoping it releases in april world-wide.

visit for the artists work.


I'm SO excited for this deck! I've followed the artist's work for a while and love his depictions of angels. The fluffy angels from Doreen Virtue and the like have always made me twitch a bit. I'm a bit of an angelologist and am really into the mythology/theology of angels, which is completely at odds with the new age fluffy stuff.

It does look like it's being released much earlier in the UK for some reason. I can't imagine why. But Americans can always order it from Book Depository, I guess?


I love these illustrations and have been following the artist for awhile. If ever I'd buy an angel deck, it'd be this one. I do wonder how it's going to work as an oracle, though, since the illustrations weren't made with the intention of being cards. They're each defined beings, at least, the images are certainly evocative, and I'm happy to support the artist, though.


Like I said before, I've followed this artist's work for ages - but has anyone seen an unboxing video, or something like it? It's four days till release and there's hardly any buzz about this deck! (I haven't even been able to find anything re the artist himself talking about it!)

I'd really like to see how the cards actually look - and which angels have been included! - before buying, though I'll be snatching it up either way.


I didn't think this deck was out until September. Did I miss something?


It's out much earlier in the UK, and can be ordered on Book Depository :)


Ooo I just had a look at all of this guy's artwork! It took my breath away! I've never really been attracted to angel decks but this caught my attention pretty quick. Kinda reminds me of the way Guillermo del Toro designs his creatures :D
I think I'll have to wait till next month to get it though :( boo.


I've been hesitant about this oracle. The Virtue and crowd decks are too soft. But this strikes me as too much in the opposite direction, dark and a bit menacing.