Crystal Study Group

Ok I wanted to have some fun so this week (maybe longer) I'm studying Angelite.

Yesterday I spent some time with my Angelite and read Angel stories (or should I say Angel encounters)

Angelite is said to help connect to the angelic realm. It's also good for telepathic communication as well as bringing inner peace and tranquility.

Other than my Angel globe I bought after Christmas I'm not really into Angels. I've asked my Angelite to help me connect to the Angels......and to help me see the signs that the Angels are with me. I've also asked my Angelite to help the Angels come visit me in my dreams and to help me remember those dreams. LOL

Today I took my Angelite to work and what was interesting was that when I looked at the time it was 11:10 and when I checked the time again it was 11:12. So not the usual 11:11 I tend to see. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided the Angels would make their presence known in other ways. Yep......suddenly I thought of Los Angeles.....the City of Angels and then the song Angie (Rolling Stones) popped into my head. After that the song Fly to the Angels (Slaughter) popped into my head. So I had both of these songs playing in my head most of the afternoon. When I got home I asked my pendulum if Angie was an Angel with me. The pendulum said yes : )

I found some Angel meditations to try as well as a few sites that list Angel Numbers.
So that's my experience so far.....


that's weird about the time thing, Spiral, because the very same thing happened to me today in regard to time. I ALWAYS see 11:11 and today it was 11:10 and 11:12 when I glanced at the clock. Maybe they are on vacation today! lol...

But seriously, I am really curious about how this study will work out. I haven't heard of Angelite so i will go look it up :) thanks for working so diligently on everyone's behalf! These studies are fascinating!

Briar Rose

Most up scale retail jewelers will set clocks and watches to sell at 10:10 or 11:10.

I think that number is important in numerology as well.


Really? I can see the 10:10, but shouldn't it be 11:11? ;p just kidding :D and we better let Downward Spiral complete her study of the stone in peace...I really want to know what the angels have said to her this week!


This has been an exciting week as I have lots to tell....I'm going to break up my posts so it doesn't look like I'm writing a novel LOL.

Lotus Padma interesting that we had the same experience with the numbers.

Also I want to say here........ANYONE (this includes you hint hint ) can join in on the crystal study group....this is NOT my personal journey through the crystals. Just an informal way to spend some time with a crystal and then share your experiences.


stepping back to Monday : )

Ok something I didn't mention but on Monday several times (in a period of about an hour) the sunlight kept reflecting off my nose stud and I could see a rainbow out of the corner of my eye. I didn't think too much of this other than a rainbow is the symbol I asked my guides to show me as proof they are with me. (this is in the Meet your Guides threads)

That night when I was looking for Angel Meditations I stumbled across one that said Rainbow Angel Meditations (Unfortunately these have to be purchased) But again the rainbow.

So on Tuesday (more of Tues next ) I was looking up in the sky and I could see a multi-colored straight line. This was between 1-1:30 in the afternoon. No rain.

So as I was looking for confirmation from the Angels...... my Guides were reminding me that they are here and connected to me as well.


Tuesday : )

Tuesday was a pretty interesting day : )

First I have to say I had this stone in my pocket and I just wanted to keep taking it out to hold it in my hands. It has a very soothing feel to it....very smooth and the blue-grey color is very soothing as well. In the sunlight it's very beautiful.....a real pretty light blue with what looks like white swirls beneath the surface.

I work outside so I looked up in the sky and noticed the clouds were very whispy. (not sure how else to describe them) Anyway I saw 2 angels up in the sky. It wasn't too long after this I noticed the line of color (mentioned in my previous post) up in the sky as well.

Tues. night I was relaxing and holding the stone with the fingers of both hands. I noticed a very strong vibration running through my fingers. I asked "Angie" on a whim if she was in the room with me to touch me on my right shoulder. I sat up so no part of my body was touching against anything and I held very still. I started to feel alot of pressure on my shoulder...almost like someone was pinching it and then what felt like a current of energy....not a shock but it reminded me of the electric(shock?) treatment I had years ago in physical therapy. The feeling was uncomfortable so I said to let go. The pressure and the energy went away. Then I asked if she could show me a sign so I would know when I need to pay attention to something. I didn't notice anything....I may try asking this again to see if I get a response.

I wanted to try one of the meditations I saved to my PC but I wasn't online so I just decided to meditate instead. I asked my angelite to help connect me to the angelic realm and I asked to meet my guardian angel. I was still holding the angelite between my fingers. The first thing I noticed was the pressure in (on?) my third eye. In all the times I've asked my third eye to open as well as actually holding a crystal on my third eye....I've never felt pressure as strong as this. Bright light kept fading in and out as I kept asking to meet my guardian angel. LOL I was hoping an angel would emerge from the light. I had read that angels rarely show themselves......its more that you can feel/sense their presence. So maybe that was it. I did end up with an awful headache.


Weird Wednesday......

This was just a really weird day.
My daughter had called(my cellphone) and hung up before I could I called her back but she didn't pick up. I put my phone in my shirtpocket (with the earpiece connected but not in my ear) and continued working. Within the hour (I don't remember who called who) my daughter told me I had called her 18 times and she was scared because she could hear noise but I wasn't saying anything and she was afraid I couldn't talk. After we talked I went into the settings and made sure the auto-dial was turned off.

When I got home I called my friend and left 3 long messages. After about an hour I decided to leave one more....only after less than a minute the phone disconnected.....and then re-dialed his number. I think I tried 3 or 4 more times and the same thing kept happening. At first I thought it was my phone so I left a message saying maybe something was wrong with my phone.....then I thought maybe it was his phone so I left another message. (I thought maybe he had messed with his settings) He left me a message this morning saying he wasn't sure what had happened. When I called back...and left a message....everything was back to normal.

So I have no idea if this had anything to do with my angelite but this was just weird.


Today : )

I'll start this off by saying every night I put the angelite in my pillowcase and ask that it help connect me to the angels in my dreams and that I can recall those dreams.

This morning is the first dream I remember having this angels. I was dreaming that someone (I think it was my friend) was holding my glasses and wanted to clean them for me. I can remember water running from a faucet and this person wanting to hold my glasses under the running water. I told this person to please be very careful as I was afraid the left lense would pop out (as it occasionally does in real life) LOL of all things to dream about.

At work someone told me that I needed to be enlightened and that I needed to read the Bible. Oh boy : )

I'll make a note here that NOT once this week have I seen the number 1:11 or 11:11 which is very unusual for me. Today I got this........

First this morning I noticed the time was 10:11. Then it was 12:11. I thought about it and remembered that over the past few days I've seen the 11 mixed in with other numbers. A few days ago someone had asked me about forwarding the mail (I needed to ask my supervisor about it) so today I had a response for them and asked if they knew when the forward would start......6/11. Then on the way home I took a different route so I could stop at the store. After I left the store I made a left turn and a bus had just pulled up to the light. You guessed it.......the bus route was #11. Still on my way home I stopped far enough back to let a car pull out of the alley. (we had a red light) The driver had hesitated to go and by the time she pulled out the light had turned green. She was blocking me and had to wait for the cars before she could complete her turn. As I started to go I looked up at the flashing crosswalk sign to see how much time was left before the light changed.....I saw the number 11. And then coming here to AT the second reply I posted (and in it I mentioned my guides) was post #11. As if that isn't enough 11's while I've been on my computer I looked at the time (just to see how late it was getting) and the time was 9:11 and then a few minutes ago I looked again 11:00.

This is what the number 11 means......(from Joanne Sacred Scribes)

Angel Number 11 is a message from your angels to pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas as these are revealing the answers to your prayers. Your positive affirmations and optimistic attitude will manifest your desires and help you to achieve your goals and aspirations. They will also assist you upon your spiritual life purpose and soul mission.

Repeating Angel Number 11 encourages you to be an inspirational guiding light to bring illumination to others and to help raise spiritual awareness. Trust that the angels support you in your ‘light work’.

And I just saw the number 11:11 : )

I'll finish this off by saying something I almost my e-mails tonight I saw these two titles:

Heaven's Lost Property and The Serenity Diet.....hmm!


wow! That is awesome, Spiral! Clearly the crystal is working for you...

Weird about the cell phone thing on Wednesday, because on Tuesday I had a weird experience with my cell phone after buying a pendant made of Super Seven ;p my husband thought I had called, and called me back - just at the moment I was trying to remember what ring size he wore, standing in front of a cabinet full of rings at the crystal shop here. ;p

I think I will start studying mine here, too. You've inspired me :)

in your dream about the lens of the glasses popping out, and the glasses being washed for you, do you think that is some angelic presence trying to get you to see more clearly (washing the glasses) and that the lens popping out may signify that you need to look at things from a different angle, or use your spirit eyes and not your "glasses" eyes...? Also, washing them under running water - maybe telling you to reprogram the crystal, as that is commonly how we program, "wash the crystal under running water, and you may see something that will make your eyes pop out" lol! Just a thought ;p