Animal Dreaming ... would you like a reading?


Hi seekers!!
I have lovely new deck called Animal Dreaming - by Scott Alexander King and would like to offer a Two Card reading to those who would be interested in recieving Wisdom and Guidance from the unique Australian Animal essence. :love:
I am offering them in story form, so come walk in the Blue Mountains with me as we overlook the cascades, and wander along the tracks, and seek the Animal messages together.

If you would like a reading ...
Please post in the thread below :D

Just some guidelines ..
:) These readings do not require a question - cards are chosen and intended to deliver a personal message to you in love and guidance ... I will include any intuitive insight in your reading I receive as well.
Where I can, I will post pictures of your cards in the Heritage Wildness where some of the readings will be done.

:) I will PM you when the reading has been posted.
:) Please feedback on the reading by replying in the thread.
:) Please have a minimum of 25 posts (forum rules ;))

If you have any questions about the readings, just post away!!

Blessings Elven x

New readings are now being done in the thread -
You can go to POST #114 in the thread - this is where the 2017 readings start.
The readings will remain similar in format to the ones already posted previous (2007+)


Hello Eleven :)
Can I have one ? An inspiring message is always welcomed :)



I would love a reading please.

Many thanks


Purple Myst

Hi Elven,

I would love a reading, please. I could use a little bit of guidance at the moment. :)

Thank you,
Purple Myst


Hi jlo, Japann & Purple Myst :D

Thanks for the replys :thumbsup: - I will pm you as soon as the readings have been done.

Take care!
Blessings Elven x


Hello Elven, I'd like an animal dream too please :)


Oh Elven...I would LOVE one of these readings...especially as you are doing a story reading! I adore anything that you write!

If you have the time, could you please include me on your list?

Thank you!!!


I've never had one. Are you still doing readings?


Can I have a reading too please, Elven.

I already love the deck, and I love your enthusiasm for it :)
I am sure a reading from you will be special as you can see (at least some of) the animals in real life.

Little Hare

Elven, if you have the time could i please have one too? If not that's okay :D cause it looks like your list is quiet long!