Animals Divine - 7 The Chariot - Freya

Ivy Rhiannon


First Impression: What an interesting chariot card! I don't know what to really think about this one. I like the flow and movement, and the lynx in spirit beside her becomes a totem guide. It is a very pretty card overall! So far there isn't much symbolism here but I think its a simple direct meaning.

Description: We see the Goddess Freya riding on the back of a strong boar as she soars through the cosmic skies. Comets shoot through the piercing dark and the lynx guide follows by her heart.

Gender: Feminine

Colors: Blues, Red, Browns, Grey, White, & Black.

Senses: I feel a warm drive in my heart. A set courage that pushes me forward. The boar is strong and fast beneath me as we race through the cool darkness. I can see the bright light of the comets flashing around me and I can feel the power of my spirit animal at my side.

Symbols: Freya, Boar, Lynx, Darkness, Comets

Story [Intuitive]: The Goddess Freya is sitting by her campfire listening to the crackling of the wood. She is warmed by its presence and sits meditating. Her boar mount rests beside her licking clean the plate from their meal. The night is strange and thick with quiet. A snap of a twig catches her attentive stare and she peers into the dark woods nearby to see what caused the noise. From the shadow a spotted cat slinks into view, shedding the cover of night. It is time, they need you. comes a soft whisper in her mind. Freya thinks of the war among her people, and she is suddenly filled with urgency. "Where?" she asks the lynx standing and preparing her mount. In there world, they have been attacked and are calling your name my goddess. he whispers sadly. "They will have my aid! Come!" She says as she jumps onto the great boar and rushes forward. They travel fast and soon her world begins to thin as the darkness rushes past. All around her she sees the brilliant flashes of comets lighting the veil. The Goddess reaches out collecting them as she rides harder. She gently places the souls of the fallen at her breast leading them home. She firms her gaze and states aloud to her spirit animal, "They will be avenged! Charge!!!" Freya's voice fades away but her people on earth look to the sky and see their brilliant Goddess in her starry chariot, and their hearts are filled with the strength to fight once more.

My Experience as the Chariot: This Chariot is more about movement, direction, and guidance. I also see this card being more about spiritual travel than any other chariot I have encountered before. For me I have had a great motivation and a desire to push forward against all odds. Sometimes I do so obsessively. When I want something I go for it and don't get discouraged easily. I remember my mother getting onto me about reading so much when I was younger. "If you would only apply that motivation to your studies, you would be doing much better in school." She was right, but I didn't care about health class and economics, I wanted to read!

Astrological Reference: Zodiac - Cancer

Cultural Reference: In Norse mythology, Freyja (meaning "Lady") is a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death. Freyja rides a chariot driven by two cats, owns the boar Hildisvíni, and possesses a cloak of falcon feathers. Freyja rules over her heavenly afterlife field Fólkvangr ("the field of the Warriors") and there receives half of those that die in battle, whereas the other half go to the god Odin's hall, Valhalla. Freyja is often depicted as a war-goddess, and she even appears as a valkyrie, literally 'the one who chooses the slain'." [source wikipedia]

Elemental Reference: Air is mostly present here for me with the night sky and stars. her direction and determination of her will also affirm this.

Numerology Reference: 7 - Challenges, Victory, Exploration, Insight, Independence

Keywords: Courage, Guidance, Direction, Journey, Movement

Possible Meanings: Standing up for what you believe in, listening to your inner guidance, Victory and bravery in the face of a challenge, Going on a spiritual journey.

Reversed: Not facing challenges head on, feeling defeated, Not listening to guides or common sense, delay of a journey, stillness and feeling stuck.

Quote: "The world always steps aside for people who know where they are going." ~ Miriam Larsen


Wow- I do like this card Ivy. I love Freya, and your story gave the card a "feel" that it didn't have on first inspection. Great post!

Ivy Rhiannon

Wow- I do like this card Ivy. I love Freya, and your story gave the card a "feel" that it didn't have on first inspection. Great post!

Woot Thanks! *hugs*


First Impression: Let’s see what this card has to offer. I love the Norse aspect of the card.

Symbols*: The goddess rides a golden boar, an emblem of her power. The cosmic sky is symbolic of the journey into new territory of undiscovered pastures. The seven comets signify divine and cosmic energy. The emerging lynx guides us with its exceptional eyesight. The goddess’s cloak is decorated with swirling vines, symbolic of the new life that the traeler is forging for him- or herself.

The endless weaving gather more threads along the journey, helping to shape one’s life tapestry. The goddess’s braid represents a life force and is the source of courage and strength.

Description*: Freya was the Norse goddess of the Vanir. She was a fertility goddess who presided over marriage, sexual love, and childbirth. The golden boar upon which she rode exemplifies her divine power and strength. She was a fearless warrior goddess who seized half the men who had mortally fallen in battle to join her in her great hall. The other half followed Odin to Valhalla. Mortals and immortals alike admired her renowned beauty. She was summoned regarding issues of love and it was said that her cloak possessed magical attributes that enabled Freya to shapeshift into a falcon.

Keywords: Departure, experiencing the world, deliberate actions.

Possible Meanings: Freya’s powerful spirit can serve as inspiration. We can follow her determination as we triumphantly begin to acquire a sense of purposefulness in our actions. By exiting territory that is familiar to us, we have the ability to make dramatic changes to our lives that will facilitate continued creative growth and individuality. The magical nature of animals can feed inspiration and help guide us beyond the mundane. Through the treshold of expectation is a world filled with endless possibilities.

Senses: She is confident in herself, she knows what she wants and how to achieve it. The boar and the lynx are her spirit guides. She looks so confident on the boar. She is very in tune with her spirituality. She doesn’t like to be still for too long, she can make a complete change just like that. She doesn’t dwell on the past, nor worries of the future. I feel that she can be sudden in her movements. I don’t think she shows her emotions, let alone fear, that is sacred for her. I admire her abilities to move on, and let go of things so fast.

Thoughts/Points to ponder: She doesn’t seem to be the emotional kind of person but more rational. Why do I feel that there is a lot more than what meets the eye?