Animals Divine - 8 Strength - Tara

Ivy Rhiannon


First Impression: A beautiful card! I love the colors and warm glow of the lion and flowers falling. The Goddess looks so radiant here!

Description: We see Tara with a duel snake crown and a snake wrapped around her neck, she is holding out her hands and touching a gentle celestial lion as flowers fall around her from the great cosmos.

Gender: Feminine

Colors: Gold, Soft Browns, Silver, Pale White, Blues, and Black.

Senses: This card almost reminds me of a yin yang. There is both the chill and expansiveness of the universe and the warm glow of the lion and flowers. I feel a gentle yet powerful essence to this card. I smell the sweet flowers and feel the cool scales of the snake wrapped around me.

Symbols: Tara, Lion, Flowers, Snakes, Universe, Warmth.

Story [Intuitive]: The Goddess awakens feeling the presence of the warmth within her. She turns among the stars watching over all life. Her crown of snakes looks in all directions perceiving the cycles of rebirth. Her body is pale, cold and made of pure light surrounded by the vast darkness. She caress the bright star shinning in the milky way. There is a silent but beautiful exchange of unconditional love flowing from her being towards the light of the sun. She knows that in the belly of her being her children thrive and grow because of this love and warmth. She smiles softly her face collecting the rays of light and reflecting them down unto earth. The oceans waves lap back and forth gently as she cradles and rocks the life within her womb.

My Experience with Strength: There are times when we are called to be a leader. Outward strength is something that is very sought after but in the end it is your inner strength that will give you victory. Here the Goddess Tara reminds us that we are surrounded by love, light and life. If we can tap into this resource of expansiveness and collective consciousness then we can become stronger in our faith and conviction. Love conquerors all.

Astrological Reference: Zodiac - Leo: Fixed

Cultural Reference: Tara appears as a female Buddha. She is known as the "mother of liberation", and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements. Tara is a meditation deity whose practice is used to develop certain inner qualities and understand outer, inner and secret teachings about compassion and emptiness. Tara is actually the generic name for a set of bodhisattvas that are considered metaphoric for Buddhist virtues.

Tārā also embodies many of the qualities of feminine principle. She is known as the Mother of Mercy and Compassion. She is the source, the female aspect of the universe, which gives birth to warmth, compassion and relief from bad karma as experienced by ordinary beings in cyclic existence. She engenders, nourishes, smiles at the vitality of creation, and has sympathy for all beings as a mother does for her children. As Green Tārā she offers succor and protection from all the unfortunate circumstances one can encounter within the world. As White Tārā she expresses maternal compassion and offers healing to beings who are hurt or wounded, either physically or psychically. As Red Tārā she teaches discriminating awareness about created phenomena, and how to turn raw desire into compassion and love. As Blue Tārā (Ekajati) she becomes a protector in the Nyingma lineage, who expresses a ferocious, wrathful, female energy whose invocation destroys all Dharmic obstacles and engenders good luck and swift spiritual awakening.

Within Tibetan Buddhism, she has 21 major forms in all, each tied to a certain color and energy. And each offers some feminine attribute, of ultimate benefit to the spiritual aspirant who asks for her assistance. She takes delight in an open mind and a receptive heart then. For in this openness and receptivity her blessings can naturally unfold and her energies can quicken the aspirants spiritual development. She became a Tantric deity whose practice would be used by monks and yogis in order to develop her qualities in themselves, ultimately leading through her to the source of her qualities, which are Enlightenment, Enlightened Compassion, and Enlightened Mind. [source Wikipedia]

Elemental Reference: Fire :)

Numerology Reference: 8 - Movement, change, action or inaction, accomplishment

Keywords: Strength, Love, Nurture, Faith, Challenge

Possible Meanings: Being strong and sound of mind/body/spirit, Loving yourself or others unconditionally, Nurturing growth, Having faith you will prevail victorious, Facing challenges fearlessly.

Reversed: Feeling weak or helpless, Not accepting yourself as you are, Being dependent on others for help, Shying away from new opportunities, Feeling as if the world is punishing and not challenging you.

Quote: "It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." ~ Edmund Hillary


First Impression: Such a regal woman, so powerful, strong yet very gracious. I love this interpretation!

Symbols*: The lion is a powerful, majestic animal. Its golden mane is symbolic of radiating solar energy. The peony flowers flow in an S-like manner, reinforcing the courageous beast’s dignity and honor. Flowers represent youth and vitality. The petals mimic the sun’s rays. Tara wears a crown of infinite knowledge. She knows how to tame the lion and merge with its essence. She is the light tapping into the hidden energies of our inner natures. Her adornments are symbolic of snakes, a primordial animal that epitomizes the circle of life and reinforces the idea that inspiration and creativity can be rejuvenated.

Description*: Tara is one of the most popular deities in the Buddhist tradition. Her name can translate to “star” or “She Who Brings Us to the Other Shore”. Tara is the goddess who navigates through the waters between darkness and light. She helps mortals obtain enlightenment and her strong, compassionate presence is often called upon during times of distress and endangerment. She is a savior goddess who assumes many forms and incarnations that shift and overlap and are assimilated into different cultures.

Tara is one of the oldest deities of Asia and her influence is evident in myriad stories that have surfaced throughout the world. Her most-recognized forms are “White Tara” or Sitatora and “Green Tara” or Symmatara. In Tibet, she is the bodhisattva and born from a compassionate tear shed by Avalokitesvara just before he reached Nirvana. She then transformed into a powerful, compassionate energy that won the hearts and boundless devotion of her followers.

Keywords: Tapping into inner resources, embracing one’s animal nature, courage.

Possible Meanings: By tapping into our internal resources of energy, we have the potential to unleash boundless creativity. Our animal natures can provide us with the spark and libido necessary for continued achievement. It is important to embrace this aspect of our being. If neglected, this internal energy can manifest itself into something potentially negative. If one learns how to utilize internal resources in a productive, creative manner, inspiration and desire will continue to abound.

Senses: To me, it seems that she has learned, or perhaps she’s always had it, to shapeshift. She is both the person in the image, as well as the lion. They have one aura surrounded by her. The lion is smiling, she’s very friendly and loving but it can change in a second if she is crossed. I can smell the eight small lotus flowers.

From the Chariot across the skies, I have travelled to see the Strength. They’re connected, and close by one another as the sky around them looks similar. They’re both very lovely, and willing to help. The difference however, is that Tara is warmer than Freya. She exudes love and encouragement. Something that I always need in my life. They complement each other though, they’re ying and yang – one cannot be without the other. Yet they’re very strong, independent women from completely different corners of the world.

Thoughts/Points to ponder: I just love this vibrant, loving and gentle card.