Animals Divine - Ace of Swords - Duckling


Image of the card

Symbols*: The ducklings have hatched from the eggs. Symbolic of new life and ideas after old ones begin to wither, the downy, feather-lined nest cushions their delicate bodies from the older, dryer leaves. The vines on the sword signify the expansion of ideas beyond the confines of the nest. The red hilt represents passion for life and the pursuit of dreams. The ducklings are ready to venture from the safety of their birhplace. They must learn how to utilize and balance intuitive thinking with emotional intensity. Before they can fly, they need to focus on learning how to swim in the mysterious waters that lie just beyond the safety of their nest.

Description*: Think about how you would like to expand your intellectual repertoire. This is the time to contemplate the implementation of ideas that have been circulating in your mind. Creativity can become more accessible during the course of research.

Reading a guide book, looking at artwork, or engaging in social discussions can all serve as tools for intellectual expansion. Create an atmosphere of mental stimulation for yourself, but try to maintain a sense of purpose as you embark on an intense period of personal enlightenment.

Keywords: A new cycle of intense activity, creative and enterprising thinking

Possible Meaning: A new cycle is about to begin. You may feel creative at this time. A possible new business encounter may come about. This may e an intense period of persional enlightenment.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: These ducklings are a new fire, they’re the connection to feminine energies, the astral plane and emotions through their connection with water. They’re the start of a new beginning.

Duck – Emotional Comfort and Protection
Duck is connected to feminine energies, the astral plane and emotions through their connection with water. Duck reminds us to drink deeply from the waters of life. Find comfort in your element and with those of like mind and spirit. Duck teaches you how to maneuver through the waters of life with grace and comfort. Psychologist and therapists often have Duck as a totem, assisting them to help others move through emotional tangles.