Animals Divine - King of Swords - Quetzalcoatl


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Symbols*: The quetzal bird was considered one of the most important creatures of the Aztecs. Birds are associated with the flight of the soul. The flying animals make them perfect companions when contemplating important decisions. The feathers are symbols of justice and help an individual to weigh options as they present themselves. The snake represents the influence of the unconscious. The roots connect the underworld with the heavens. When deliberating a decision, it is important to explore all levels of cognitive thinking and to employ a good mix of the various functions of the psyche.

Description*: Quetzalcoatl, whose name means “feathered serpent”, was an important deity to the Aztecs of Central America. He was the god of creation, fertility, and the powers of the wind and rain. He was also identified with the sun and the planet or “morning star” Venus. His association with Venus earned him the title of “Lord of the Dawn”. As patron of learning, the arts, and inventions, Quetzalcoatl showed humankind how to polish jade, weave, cultivate maize, observe and chart the movement of the stars, calculate time, and measure the seasons.

Quetzalcoatl’s brother Tezcatlipoca represented the night or dark side. Their tumultuous relationship, which dominated many of the Aztec myths, resulted in the eventual expulsion of Quetzalcoatl from the land of the Toltec civilization. One legend describes Quetzalcoatl as having sailed east on a raft of snakes upon the open seas. His loyal attendants, who had tranformed themselves into beautifully plumed birds, accompanied him. It was predicted that he would one day return.

Keywords: Order, Analytically Minded, Authority

Possible Meaning: Quetzalcoatl’s powerful leadership enabled an empire to acquire skills for further development. Sometimes we need to look upon an influential figure for advice during times of insecurity and indecision. This might be a good time to seek the counsel of someone who possesses leadership qualities. Perhaps you are encountering a problem that you have no solution for. By conferring with someone who can offer a new perspective on the situation, you may be provided with the opportunity to view the issues with renewed objectivity. Be open to alternative solutions and allow the insights of another to help influence decisions.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This king is spontaneous, charming, bold, and charismatic. He teaches us that we must follow the rules or suffer the consequences.