Animals Divine - King of Wands – Gama Sennin


Image of the card

Symbols*: A swirling energy comprised of magical particles encompasses the walking spirit. His fiery wand steers the direction of the forces and churns up the psychic energy that has been lying dormant in the psyche. The frog looks on with great interest. It is a symbol of good fortune and eternal life, and is a predictor of future financial gains. The peach is an emblem of longevity, renewal, spring, an dfertility. By holding the auspicious fruit, the cycle of renewal can be assured. Blossoms and leaves flow around the branches and mingle with the various elements of the earth. The seasonal cycle is continuous and guarantees promise for new opportunities. The god’s pouch contains experiences from his journeys that contribute to his wisdom. The flowing drapery signifies that he is well connected with various aspects of his psyche. The rock steps signify the continous journey and the necessity to move with the changes that are an integral part of life.

Description*: Gama Sennin, also known as Kosensei, was the Japanese sage who cam eot be an immortal deity. His frog, which will oftentimes situate itself upon his shoulder and serve as a wise counselor on his journeys, accompanies him. Gama Sennin had the ability to shapeshift into different cold-blooded animals and he also possessed the power to transform into a youth, thus preserving his own endless life cycles.

Sennings are immortal spirits of Japan who tend to live in isolation. Their magical attributes enable them to perform miracles and to appear in the dreams of people. Gama Sennin was seen as a wise old man who confers with his frog familiar for guidance and secrets. In some tales, it was said that he literally transformed into a frog whenever he was in the vicinity of water.

Keywords: Leader, Explorer, Promoter, Influential, Risk taker, Charismatic

Possible Meaning: Perhaps it is time to consult someone who could offer us wisdom. Like Gama Sennin’s wise animal companion, we, too, can confer with a familiar in order to determine how best to achieve personal success. We can broaden our horizons by observing and studying animals. It is possible to integrate the attributes of different animals in order to become more versatile and energetic when exploring new avenues for ppersonal expansion. Choose an animal like the frog as a means of initiating internal fiery ambition. Meditate upon its image and try to establish a rapport with it. Opening ourselves up to the influence of animals can help to instill a sense of our own potential leadership qualities.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This king is wise, a leader, trustworthy, authoritative, and clear-headed. He will give you a wise, trusting answer, based on clear-thinking. He will also show you how to become a good leader.