Animals Divine - Page of Swords - Anahita


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Symbols*: The tranquil setting of the dusky wood provides a perfect place for self-reflection. The dove symbolizes the life spirit. It epitomizes gentleness, peace, and renewal. A dove taking flight is the transcending spirit. The peacock symbolizes beauty and dignity. Its feathers echo the stars. The bird nest perched upon the branch offers a moment of focus amidst the erratic growth of the tree. The endless spirals encompassing the rocks and trees are reminders of the ever-present cosmos. The rocks are symbols of stability in our consciousness. The water represents the ever-flowing nature of our inner thought process. The goddess’s crown embelished with elongated points represents cosmology and connects the mind with the cosmic forces that influence our daily lives.

Description*: Anahita is the Persian goddess of air and water. Known as the “Immaculate One”, this fertility goddess is the source of all cosmic waters. She presides over reproductive health, including sperm, the womb, and breat milk. Her sacred animals, the dove and peacock, are reminders of her connection with air and the mystery of the cosmos. Anahita’s popularity grew over time and she had a far-reaching impact beyond the regions of Persia. She is often compared to Aphrodite/Venus and Artemis/Diana and was known as Anahit in Armenia. Her golden crown represents the rays of the sun, a symbol of her divine connection with cosmic powers.

Keywords: Opportunity to Expand Oneself, Curiosity, Inventiveness, Possible Trouble

Possible Meaning: It is important to think things through carefully when contemplating opportunities for self-expansion. We should be inventive in our approaches and remember to avoid stagnation by trying to see a situation from different perspectives. If we remain alert to our inner voice, we can make better decisions about our course of action. Avoid being too hasty in a situation. Take time to evaluate potential problems and take steps to prepare for possible negative outcomes. If we can prepare ourselves for potential trouble, we will be better equipped to deal with it when it happens, without falling victim to impetuosity.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This page is opportunist, optimistic, contemplative, but free-spirited. She teaches us that we need to see a situation from different angles, to listen to our inner voice, and avoid making hasty decisions if we wish to achieve our dreams.