Animals Divine - Page of Wands – Sadrapa


Image of the card

Symbols*: The various insects exemplify the various facets of our being. The scorpions represent truth and are considered guardians of the underworld and the unconscious. Flies are often connected with risk and death. They are reminnders to avoid repeating old patterns of potentially destructive behavior. Bees and ants are symbols of industriousness. They are contributors to the collective good of individual contriubutions to society. Ladybugs remind us to maintain grace in the face of adversity. Dragonflies symbolize the soul. Spiders are the weavers of life and snakes have the power to rejuvenate. The crystal topped wand represents clarity and is a tool for intuitive exercise.

Description*: Sadrapa was a Phoenician god who was a protector of the insects. As a young deity, he was depicted carrying a snake or scorpion. He was considered an ancient healing god and his influence spread from the Syrian region of Palmyra into the region of Carthage. His name was transformed to Satrapes near the Greek coast.

Keywords: Inquisitive figure, Creative, Charismatic, Adventurous

Possible Meaning: Insects are necessary for ecological balance. Many of these diminutive creatures are resilient and have the ability to adapt, transform, and proliferate under intimidating situations. Often overlooked as pests, insects can inspire our own innovative thinking and help us to initiate new and interesting ways of viewing a situation. If we push ourselves beyond the realms of mediocrity, we have the ability to activate our inner power and engage in more interesting and adventurous tasks. It is importan to remain energetic, self-confident, and optimistic when pioneering new grounds of personal achievement.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This page is observant, curious, creative, charismatic, adventurous, and non-traditional. He is eager for knowledge, and curious enough to achieve the knowledge he seeks.