Animals Divine - Queen of Swords - Athena


Image of the card

Symbols*: The owl is associated with wisdom and knowledge. As an emblem of Athena, it helps to exemplify intelligence and wise decision-making. The owl is also connected to nocturnal of our being and learn to focus these inner energies in a productive manner. The spider web is part of the cosmos. Our participation in daily life contributes to the grander fabric of all living things. The feathers connote spirit and lightness; the tree roots ground us and keep us focused on our ambitions; and the braid is symbolic of psychic energy. The snake is a primordial force that reinvigorates the soul with its ability to shed its old life in preparation for new life stages. It is important to periodically cleanse the accumulated detritus of daily stresses. This can be done through dream analysis or meditation. The spirals emanate from intellectual drives. The spirals and sword symbolize the ability to engage in the thinking function when approaching a new situation or challenge.

Description*: Athena is a beloved goddess of the Greek pantheon. She is associated with wisdom, strength, warfare, the arts, and skill She was a warrior goddess who sprang from her father Zeus’s head in full armor. After Zeus swallowed his wife, Metis, to prevent the birth of a child that was deemed a threat in a prophecy, he sustained a terrific headache. With the assistance of Prometheus, his head was split open and out came Athena. Eventually she became a favorite child of Zeus’s. So great was her presence that the “bright-eyed one” captivated the other Olympians and she earned a position as a councilor. In addition to her warrior-like persona, Athena was a patron of the arts.

Athena and Poseidon engaged in a contest to see who should preside over a city that they both felt fond of (Athens). She eventually prevailed after providing the fruitful and useful gift of the olive tree for the people to harvest. Her contribution was deemed more valuable than the salty water offered by the sea god.

Athena’s symbolic animal, the owl, appeared on the city’s currency as a reminder of Athena’s influential power over the cultural instituion.

Keywords: Focusing on Career, Analytical, Intellectual, Focused, Aggressive

Possible Meaning: By thinking about the divine strength and intelligence of Athena, we, too, can learn to apply good analytical thinking skills when making strategic career moves. It is important to think our decisions through carefully before presenting them to others. The more confident and focused we are about our ideas, the more receptive others will be to them.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This queen is captivating, enchanting, warm, magical, and exotic. She teaches us to walk through the flames without fear.
Somehow, she appears to be cold or insecure (her posture and the look), as if she doesn’t trust herself.