Animals Divine - Queen of Wands – Nana Buluku


Image of the card

Symbols*: The serpent slithers upon the fertile waters of knowledge. As the progenitor of life, the snake’s shedding skin represents the life cycle. The three triangles exemplify the stages of life: birth, death, and rebirth. They also represent fire, the female pubic area, and spiritual empowerment. The four elements are merging together to produce life. The four disks reinforce the delicate balance of the elemental presence. The running animals are visible in the unconscious, reminders of our deep connection with all living matter. The sun makes a daily journey across the sky, nourishing life with its energy. The roots of the unconscious penetrate the warm rays of enlightenment, enabling the goddess to feel spiritually and intellectually charged as she strives to achieve creative fulfillment.

Description*: Nana Buluku was a creator goddess off the African Fon people. She perched herself upon the mouth of the rainbow serpent Aido-Hwedo and rode around the world to create all manner of life. Together they formed mountains, rivers, valleys, forests, animals, and people.

When the world became too heavy to support itself, Aido-Hwedo curled underneath the earth to help sustain the burden. But the heat of the daytime sun made the serpent uncomfortable. Thus an ocean was created to cool off the creature. Despite all the accommodations made for the serpent, it did occasionally shift, resulting in earthquakes.

Even though she is considered to be androgynous, Nana Buluku gae birth to the twin gods Lisa and Mawu, contributors to the formation of the world and important members of the African pantheon.

Keywords: Female influence, Leadership, Transformation, Rewards

Possible Meaning: Nana Buluku’s creative and fiery spirit can serve as an inspiration in our own pursuits for success. As we work toward our goals, it is important to be open to the advice of others. If we learn to move forward with an open mind, we can learn to become effective leaders in our own right. Perseverance, open-mindedness, and a strong sense of self will reap many rewards as we reach for personal achievement.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The queen is a fiery African woman, she is very strong and powerful. She cannot stand losing, nor can she stand crying over everything – only when it matters, and that is very rarely. She is creative. She is a leader. She is very open-minded.