Animals Divine - Six of Swords – Ibis


Image of the card

Symbols*: The ibises relax among the shady palms during a midday sun. The warm light is soothing and serves to calm the mind after a spate of exhausting mental activity. The six swords lie upon the golden grains of purifying sand and are being refueled by the spiraling energy of earth and air. The ibises will relax before resuming their journey toward a new destination. They pause to preen their feathers and reflect on the many challenges that may await them as they proceed on their journey.

Description*: After enduring painful episodes of self-doubt, feelings of defeat, and unexpected challenges, it is important to step back and try looking at things in a new light. Instead of dwelling on failures and disappointments, it is important to try and see how and why they happened. By embracing failures as well as triumphs, we will be able to continue on our journey with enhanced fortitude and a renewed sense of creative inspiration.

Keywords: Engaging in more objective thinking, taking the time to reflect on your journey

Possible Meaning: Take this time to reflect on your journey. Do not dwell on failures, disappointments, negativity nor your past – it is important to learn the lessons from them. Instead, make the failure a triumph.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Different cycles of life are at present in the image.

Ibis – Sociability, Communication, Cooperation
Ibis teaches sociability, communication and working cooperatively in a group. Being around others and their diversity of new ideas and thoughts that bring about new opportunities. Be open to the process even if means wandering from current ideals. Time to expand and explore. She will teach how to probe for more spiritual and emotional nourishment and to do this with confidence. Ibis will show building of solid foundations in existing personal or professional relationships in order to reach new levels. She will show how to find the knowledge that is needed. If Ibis has a red bill and feet, her message may include one maturity and vitality. Pay attention to her color. The time period for Ibis' lessons starts from about 20 days for new endeavors, ideas, lessons. The following 3-6 weeks will see new developments really take flight. Ibis medicine teaches patience. She will show how to transition in steps as each week progresses so be ready because she heralds a new richness and fertility coming your way. The archetypal power of Ibis conveys sacrificial and protective elements in life's storms either in personal areas or towards others. Trust your intuition as she demonstrates the importance of (It's all about..) timing.