Animals Divine - Three of Swords – Vulture


Image of the card

Symbols*: After alighting on top of the tree, the young vulture casts its gaze upon the three swords that hang precariously from the branches below. The vulture is a reminder that we must shed past negative thoughts before we can proceed with the birth of new ideas. The old tree is scarred after weathering countless storms, yet it still supports the golden swords with its fragile, brittle branches. The three spirals on each of the golden hilts are reminders that life is lived in stages and new ideas are often born out of old experiences. The crooked branches exemplify the unpredictability of life and the potential for misguided dreams. The branches appear entangled and without direction, yet they hold the wisdom of having survived adverse conditions.

Description*: The preoccupation of past sorrowful events can lead to a period of negativity and menatl turmoil. If allowed to escalate, the emotional injuries can inhibit your ability to nurture new, fertile ideas. It can also prevent you from allowing yourself to open up to people, thus leaving you suspicious of those who attempt to enter your lives. But out of negative experiences, you can learn to become wiser and more intellectually astute. This is the time to rethink your situation and allow the negative burdens of your past to become a source of self-empowerment.

Keywords: Mental turmoil, sadness connected to past events, lack of communication, possible relationship troubles

Possible Meaning: Something of your past is hindering you; you may feel sad. Be careful not to let the past affect current relationships. There may be lack of communication, and possible relationship troubles. However, always see the good in the bad, as this may be the time that can inhibit your ability to nurture new and fertile ideas.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This card is a very, very lonely card.

Vulture, Condor – Death and Rebirth; New Vision
The Vulture is the symbol of death and rebirth, the mother symbol, and represents purification. For those with this totem, you will be noticed more for what you do than how you appear. You may start to see auras and colors around people; Vulture can help teach you how to accomplish this through patience and vision. Vultures teach you how to soar without using much energy, how to ride the thermal winds instead of flapping. Go with the flow. Use your own energy powerfully and efficiently. Vulture is associated with the sense of smell and aromatherapy is a good tool to use to connect with this Totem. The Vulture promises us that no matter how difficult things are at the moment, rescue and change are imminent.