Animals Divine - Two of Swords – Sparrow


Image of the card

Symbols*: The sparrow looks up wistfully at the soaring birds overhead. They exhibit dynamic energy as they fly in proximity of two swords being supported by ice-covered branches. The little sparrow stands upon a snow-covered patch and is contemplating whether it should attempt to fly up to the branches to examine the swords more closely. But the little bird fears the tangle of icy branches. The cold ground represents mental stasis; the branches signify expansion and the possibilty of higher levels of intellectual exploration. The soaring birds have successfully ascended to the realm of higher thought and are in the process of absorbing the mental energy emanating from the two swords.

Description*: Despite a tendency to want to maintain status quo, allow yourself to open up to new ideas as a means of elevating intellectual prowess. The more you try to expand your horizons, the more vulnerable you may become. It is important to meditate upon the choices that you are about to make as a means of seeing the path to enlightenment more clearly.

Keywords: Meditative thought, trying to balance different levels of consciousness, having to make decisions

Possible Meaning: You are balancing two life events; be careful not to lose control of the situation. Some meditation may help you to get insight. Expand your horizons to see further. You are being faced to make decisions.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This card could also say something about being hurt or unsuccessful past events. Regardless, it's about self-worth.

Sparrow – Self-Worth
The sparrow is one of the most common birds around, yet it has flourished when other species have failed. It reflects self-worth. If a Sparrow totem has entered your life, ask yourself if you know your own self-worth. The sparrow will show you that even a common little bird can triumph. The song sparrow reflects the chakra energy awakening from the heart and throat. It reminds us to sing out our own song of dignity and self-worth.