Animals Divine - XIV Temperance - Xochiquetzal


Image of the card

First Impression: Such a powerful image.

Gender: Feminine

Symbols*: Xochiquetzal’s flowing hair and robes represent the channeling of dynamic energy. Creativity can now flow more freely between the waters of the uncosnciousness and consciousness. The butterflies help to direct creative energies from a dormant primordial stasis to higher cognitive recognition. The wren and doves are keepers of the spirit and vehicles to transcendent thinking. The flowers in the water represent fertile ideas yet to be utilized. The frog is associated with the nourishing waters and the need to resurrect after a period of stagnation. The cattails help to bridge the water and air elements, helping to emphasize the importance of integrating emotion and thought. The deathers help to alleviate burdens of an overwhelming ego. The ego has dissolved somewhat, thus allowing the mind to absorb new creative energy. The circular design reinforces the ultimate goal toward the full integration of all the aspects of self in order to achieve a sense of wholeness.

Description*: Xochiquetzal is the flower and butterfly goddess whose name means “flower feather”. Her luminescent beauty and association with matters pertaining to love parallel the Roman goddess Venus. Xochiquetzal is a liberating goddess of sexuality, marriage, and childbirth. She is a fecund goddess and patroness of creativity and the arts.

Xochiquetzal survived and apocalyptic flood by fleeing on a boat with a mortal. Her procreative powers enabled her to repopulate the arth with her companion. Initially her children were unable to communicate, until a dove descended upon them and provided them with the gift of language.

Elemental Reference: Water

Numerology Reference: (1+4=5) 5 - Force, Conflict, Change, Courage, Strength, Instability, Loss, Opportunity for Change, New Cycle

Keywords: Achieving Balance, Going Within, Moderation

Possible Meanings: Xochiquetzal is a reminder that after death, life can be born anew. Her butterflies represent transformation and new beginnings. Their graceful, deliberate movements seem to transcend profane time. They flutter their harmonious dance with the earth by transferring pollen and allowing the process of renewal to proliferate.

It is important to allow a higher force to cleanse us after times of great change. Sometimes life ncecessitates that we examine ourselves in a more objective manner. By reaching within the inner realms of our being, we can begin to create a balance between external influences and inner desires. It is time to move beyond the space where the ego had dominated and into new planes of self-awareness.

Senses: I see, smell, feel and hear the wind swooshing by her. She is very connected with the spiritual realm, as so many animals float by around her. She feels the energy, I think the she even might be creating the energy around her.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: What is that light in her forehead?