Animals Divine - XIX THE SUN – HORUS


Image of the card

First Impression: Definitely an interesting card!

Gender: Masculine

Symbols*: The sun is the ultimate source of energy. Its nourishing rays allow all life to flourish. After a period of darkness, the sun has now risen in a new dawn of beginnings. The falcon symbolizes the sun, strength, and power. The god Horus, known as the “great sky god”, manifests the falcon’s attributes. The falcon is swift and intelligent. Its feathers represent the soul and new paths of freedom. The gold adornments echo the warm hues of the sun energy. The illuminated staff reinforces Horus’s authority as a sky god. The spirals in the background connect the divine powers of the falcon god with the dynamic and continuous forces of the cosmos.

Description*: Horus was the Egyptian falcon-headed sky god and divine child of Isis and Osiris. He was conceived after his mother shapeshifted into a hawk and flapped her wings at her deceased husband in order to extract life from him. Isis fled to the Nile Delta to give birth. She hid on the Island of Chemmis, near Bhutto, to keep Horus’s birth a secret from the vengeful Set.

When Horus grew up, he sought out his uncle Set, who was the incarnation of darkness. They fought many battles. In one such confrontation, Set tore Horus’s eye out but his mother, Isis, using magical powers, was able to restore it. Known as “the eye of Horus”, one eye was symbolic of the sun; the other eye was the moon. Perhaps this was symbolic of the reconciling of opposites. Eventually Horus defeated his uncle and reclaimed his father’s throne, where he reigned as a peaceful ruler. Horus also led souls to the underworld and protected pharaohs. Each succeeding pharaoh assumed the role as a living Horus.

Elemental Reference: Fire

Numerology Reference: (1+9=10) 10 - Completion, End of a Cycle, Renewal

Keywords: Positive Energy, Joy, Celebration, Reconciliation of Opposites

Possible Meanings: As we near the end of our journey, we have finally reemerged into the lifht of the sun. We have confronted our shadows and learned to reconcile this aspect of our personalities. By reconciling opposites – light and dark, consciousness and unconsciousness – we can now proceed to integrate both elements of our psyches to finally achieve wholeness. This is a joyful time of self-realization and maturity.

Senses: Leaving Odin behind, I come across Horus, the sun god. They both are tightly holding a staff. He represents the flow of life. I feel as though he is almost ready to fight with the Moon, Odis, should he come about. Right now he is just standing still. He wants things to be resolved in a very loving way, where everyone wins.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Why is his fists so tight? What is that hat on his head?