Image of the card

First Impression: I love it that Thunderbirds represent Tower. Although this card may be about the material world, the thunderbirds put it in a deeper level – crashing down our egos, challenges to the way we think. I don’t like to use the word disaster, but challenges as to how we live.

Gender: Neutral

Symbols*: The eagles are powerful creatures literally exposing the polar opposites of light versus dark, consciousness versus unconsciousness. The mighty predators reveal the great channges that are about to aler our old belief systems. The crumbling rock represents the shattering of stability and life as we knew it. Lightning is born from cosmic forces that supersede conscious control. Their illuminating bolts reveal the truth and strike the former psychological landscape of complacency and lingering self-delusion.

Description*: The thunderbirds are one of the most widely dispersed mythological figures in the Native American tradition. Their enormous beating wings produced thunderclaps as they soared down from the heavens. Their blinking eyes created awesome lightning. The animals’ force was both destructive and creative. The storms that they carried with them precipitated nourishing rains that enabled vegetation to flourish.

Thunderbirds often fought incarnations of evil, such as the horned dserpents, which resulted in caclysmic natural phenomena. In the Northwest, an immense thunderbird preyed on whales and snatched them up from the sea. The power, size, and strength of the thunderbird was not to be underestimated. But even though they were feared, they were also seen as auspicious signs.

Elemental Reference: Air

Numerology Reference: (1+6=7) 7 - Challenges, Victory, Exploration, Insight, Independence, Reflection, Assessment, Motives, Spirituality, Wisdom, Perfect Order

Keywords: Disaster, Forced Change due to Discord, Dismantling a Former Way of Life, Challenge(s)

Possible Meanings: The arrival of thunderbirds is symbolic of change that may have both destructive and beneficial qualities. They awaken us with their thunderous attributes and illuminating flashes. Their forces pierce through any residual self-illusionary towers that we may have built on our efos upon. We are struck with the revelation that our lives must be reconstructed in order to fully integrate all the various aspects of our being. The raw elemental forces of the thunderbirds expose all the truths about ourselves, even aspects that we would rather relegate to the far reaches of the unconscious. With the shattering of illusions comes a sense of peace and freedom. We can freely enter the realm of our inner essence without harboring fears of the unknown. With renewed confidence that comes with embracing ourselves, we can now proceed toward a more spiritual path of self-awareness.

Senses: I can just hear the thunderbirds sing, they’re very loud. Behind them come the thunderstorm. Some rocks are falling off the mountain. This will be a devastating time. However, after every storm comes brightness and sun, this will be the case here as well. It’s a good thing the mountain has strong foundation, even though the top may crash.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Am I only imagining this or is it reality? Is it a real thunderstorm outside or an inner battle?