Animals Divine - XX JUDGEMENT – GAO YAO


Image of the card

First Impression: Old, very wise down-to-earth man, who knows what he is doing. He is the perfect one to be the Judgement.

Gender: Masculine

Symbols*: The ram symbolizes the creative energy that is at one’s disposal. The peaches are the fruit of longevity. Their vibrant color reflects the warmth and power of the sun. The god throws a peach in the water, thus enacting the karmic effect. The stirring of the waters of the unconscious may enable one to retrieve internal wisdom. The ripples in the water multiply, reaching beyond the area of immediate impact. The three fish represent abundance, renewal, harmony, and regeneration. Their number also reinforces the three stages of life: birth, death, and rebirth. The animals’ presence assures balance between the thinking world, as symbolized by air, and the emotional world, as symbolized by water. The bird sitting upon the god’s shoulder is a symbol of the soul. The tree represents the connection between the underworld, the above world and enlightenment. The roots penetrate the unconscious while the branches reach toward enlightenment. The bamboo in the background emphasizes the need for continued learning.

Description*: The ancient Asian god Gao Yao helped to serve as a judge for the great Emperor Shun, the last of five emperors to rule prior to the first historical dynasty. Gao Yao was a wise old man who helped determine if someone was innocent or guilty. When he was unable to decipher this on his own, he had his trusty ram come forward. If the ram butted the person with its horns (it is often described as being a one-horned goat), the accused was deemed guilty. Perhaps Gao Yao’s goat is a symbol of intuition or “gut feeling”. Gao Yao is also referred to as Ting-jian.

Elemental Reference: Air, Water, Earth

Numerology Reference: (2+0=2) 2 - Duality, Harmony, Choices, Unity

Keywords: Transformation, Liberation

Possible Meanings: The ability to make good judgments is not always easy. It often takes an individual time to develop good intuitive skills. If you follow your heart and learn to trust your internal voice in matters requiring decision-making, you will find that the outcome will most likely be a fortuitous one. Our acts and judgments have a karmic effect. It is important to remember that what we do can affect others. Once we have connected with all of the psychological functions – thinking, feeling, intuition, and sensation – we will be better equipped to fully transform ourselves into more thoughtful, inspired individuals.

Senses: To me, he is the meaning of judgment. I come here being very humble, something that is close to my roots. I respect him, even though he hasn’t said a word. I automatically get quiet. He is not a man of many words, but these words do matter. The goat is his companion in life, his animal totem. Whatever he decides to do, he makes it bloom. That is a beautiful talent. What a serene place to be, yet somehow very intimidating as well.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: What is he thinking? Is he feeding the fish?