If you were in a class or forum about about animals in spirituality, what would you be looking for or wanting to learn?


What an odd thing to ask . Why? Does it matter? And actually no. It was me in a class and the subject matter wasn't at all what I was expecting!


The reason I asked is to clarify for members whether they would be offering their knowledge to help a fellow member with their own personal learning or whether their information was being collated to offer elsewhere as a teaching.

Of course the former is what we are all here for but the latter could be uncomfortable if a member saw their words elsewhere in someone elses name.

Now it is clear that this is for your personal learning and course work, it makes it open and hopefully more people will contribute to support a fellow member. :)


Crumbs - thanks for asking that,Millie - I thought it was for teaching stuff and - well, mingbop, you know - I emailed you ! :|

But in that case I respond TOTALLY differently. I have been thinking about this - because as a STUDENT in a class the first thing I would be asking (and yes, I know it is totally inappropriate !) would be how do I find out what my power animal is. And I bet there would be loads of people asking that. Talk about a most want to know thing... I came back to this thread say I don't know - because I thought it was what you would need to teach me, like... and I KNOW it would be so wrong to ask that - it has to happen.

But as what students would want to know...


I guess for me, I would love to be in a class with a tutor who had a deep working background of a Spiritual belief system or culture where animals played a foundational part in that belief. From there I would be wanting to understand how animals differ in what they offer to us spiritually speaking as compared with plants or crystals for example.

I would also love to know what different belief systems around the world work with animals within their belief, how they do so, what celebrations, dances, artwork etc they use and what it means to them. The comparative differences and similarities of beliefs around the world etc.

Oh, this subject could be as basic as a contemporary view of power or totem animals right up to PHD thesis on the role of animals in belief systems.


Are you assuming people with NO background would make up the class, or are you to assume they already know stuff ?


... and I KNOW it would be so wrong to ask that - it has to happen...

What a teacher COULD do is offer some suggestions on how to communicate or ask the animal if it would like to come to you. Suggestions on how to be open to the possibility of its presence. And how to recognize it if it happens.


I love finding out what other people use/believe, but if I were going to a class that I paid for (or had to drive a good way for) it would be best to have specifics to the area. It's frustrating to be given wonderful material about animals that I will never see where I live. I use animal-based card decks for that. Animals in Spirituality conjures ways to really work with what is around me.

a checklist with local places I might find & observe them, distinctive behaviors to watch for, things I should avoid doing or dressing in to minimize frightening or threatening them, pictures!


By the way, I wouldn't take a class without specifics on what's covered. Money's too tight around here to gamble it.