Leaving the question of a class aside, if I could learn anything about animal spirituality, I'd want to know how they perceive themselves, their lives, and their deaths. But I suppose, being a human, I wouldn't be able to comprehend the answer anyway.


Bodhiseed - you hit the nail on the head. Thanks.

Laura Borealis

So what did they teach in your class, mingbop?


North American totem poles !! and clan totems ! LOL no use at all to me.

Laura Borealis

Wow... given the title "Animals in spirituality" that's not what I would expect at all!

Briar Rose

If you were in a class or forum about about animals in spirituality, what would you be looking for or wanting to learn?

What a beautiful question!!! :heart: thank you. I was just thinking about this the other day, and now you have a thread about it.

Well, I would love to take a class about Animals in Spirituallity. I definitely have experienced that Animals have a soul. I woudl like to learn just how advanced spiritually they are (as I think they are so much like master souls).

I would like to learn about the symbols they would use to most likely communicate with us.

How about Animal aura's, collections, colors and how they work?

Why they have such short life spans while their exsistance is so VAST in helping use mere moral humans advance?

What types of levels or stages of transformation do they experience on the other side?

What classifications should we understand about their energy?

What's up with the dew claws on doggies?

And do all Animals understand and feel sonar, and radio waves?

What do they want us humans to learn from them?

How advanced are they?

And why is DOG spelled backwards- God?

Thank you again for this thread. I just love it. XXO


@ Briar that would be interesting!

Briar Rose

wow! what was I really thinking about when I wrote collections? I think that the word chakra's would fit in there nicely. Hmmm, collections...what was I really thinking?

Briar Rose

How about animals and healing? Also, animals and their psychic abilities.

Briar Rose

I got another one-

How about a class on the agreements humans and animals make to each other? That would be really deep and interesting to me. Where can I sign up?

I could write a big thick thesis on what I learn from my dog Blacki.

Want to know what to teach, just look into these eyes, and you'll get so many answers. I know she'll come to you if you ask her to. She has visited a few of the AT members, and they know things they couldn't have known other wise, so that's how I know it's true.


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