Another dream interpretation question to process ~


Dreams are sacred , I feel. Especially this one.

Dreamt last night:
I was with C and his daughters.
Only one of then was there but the other one was included in awareness in the situation.
C had lost his job but we weren't making anything of it
I was lying down on a large mattress on the floor and his daughter was lying down next to me, resting, on my left. We were waiting for C but he wasn't showing as he was at work.

Then I was on my own getting my hair done and just telling myself I'm ready now.

His little grl was so comfortable with me and she put her leg next to mine.
Then C came in.

He laid down on my other (right) side and he said he is here now.
He asked has your hair always been like that? It was as if he hadn't been seeing me for real...
He said he had finished 'the other thing' and was here now.
Then all my family and friends were saying to him individually not to worry slapping him on the back. He's ok.
Then second phase of dream with same message that he's finished with where he's been and ready for us to be together.


Ok, so there is wish fulfilment in this dream , and the warmth and closeness was beautiful to feel.
The main thing I see in this is that his daughter(s) led the way...
First it is about their being comfortable with me and aligning and then he finds his way into that alignment.
This is quite clever of my subconscious to pick up because yes, this is how it is working in real life... He puts his children first ALL the time.
It was a long dream ...
It felt like a wedding at the time of my hair being readied... And the veil going off his eyes.

Ok, any other insights?