Another Method to Print a Deck

Papa Tango

If all one is interested in producing is a 'one-of' deck for which they have the images, here is an idea that has worked for me.

Canon and others make a "Fine Art" bright white uncoated paper, which weighs in at 230g/m. I have placed the images on 13x19 canvases in Photoshop, and similarly chosen a back pattern that covers the entire paper size.

One sheet is used to print the front of the card collection--and another to print the backs. Once these have sufficiently dried (I use a Canon Pixma Pro-10 inkjet), the two sheets are aligned and 'tacked' in the center with a sheet of photographic dry mounting tissue. These are then placed in a thermal dry mount press and sealed to each other. The process at 180 degrees F takes about 3 minutes.

The resulting double pressed sheets are the perfect thickness for card stock, and can be conveniently be cut into individual cards via a guillotine or rotary table cutter. A variety of corner cutting tools are available for your choice--the radius depending upon the size of your cards.

Prior to cutting, a good coating of clear, matte spray fixative is recommended for both sides. :thumbsup:


This is a primo idea ! :thumbsup: Thank you for sharing your savoir-faire, Papa Tango !