another "new to tarot" question


First of all, thanks so much for your input on what kinds of questions work best in a question reading. I'm still experimenting, but what you all had to say gave me lots more options than my poor brain could come up with.

Next question is: when do you use signifiers (significators)? None of the time? All of the time? Only with particular spreads like the Celtic Cross? Different books say different things. I've had mixed results from using a significator so I'm hoping different ideas can help me out.


:) Kes


that is sooo personal. some people do, some don't, some do some of the time and not others.

i suggest that you relax, take your time and try using them and try not using them and see if they are a necc. thing for YOU.

in light,

ps there is no right or wrong way to do this.


Keslynn: Diana echoes my approach. I prefer not to use a significator because it eliminates one of the cards that could be better used in a throw.
As Jade stated, try experimenting to find what works for you as what works for one may not work for another.
Or, you can try deciding ahead of time which card represents you. If it does appear, you can then see how it applies. Keep in mind that such a card can change depending on the moment as representative cards may reflect a particular personal quality in use at the time.


I also don't use a significator. Like MeeWah I think it takes the card away from it's real purpose... being in my reading! LOL Besides, sometimes it takes a while to choose a sig. You have to go through the whole deck looking for that specific card. Then I always feel like I have to shuffle longer because I looked at each card!

Instead of choosing a Sig. I usually spend a couple extra seconds while grounding and centering to concentrate on the person asking the question. When I read for people online I concentrate on their screen name and how reading what that person has to say makes me feel.

Hope that helps.
Rhiannon :)


I don't use a significator either. For the same reasons many have mentioned here already. Besides I ususally don't have time to shuffle through the deck looking for a card to represent the person I'm reading for who is usually sitting in front of me :)

I might use one if I was doing a long distance reading but I haven't really tried doing that. I like to have the person I'm reading for shuffle the cards too, I think the cards pull energy from the person and then tells them what they need (not always want) to know.



I usually don't use significators either, but the last reading I did for someone I felt the urge to use one. I gave the person a choice of two, and their choice directed my reading. It was kind of interesting, actually.


i agree with diana, meewah and rhiannon,
imo, all the cards can represent something in each one of us. we are made up of a little of every archetype, even if one may seem to predominate. to use a significator takes valuable information out of the reading.


Umbrae meekly raises his hand, ?Excuse me?It depends on the spread. Usually a ?Principal? card is not used. Only in specific spreads. If you are new, forget about them?Just an opinion??


Umbrae: Oops. Sorry, you are correct that it depends on the spread.