Another newbie...


Hello there, I recieved my wonderful Fey through the post on Friday and have spent till now just staring at it in a trance.

I was wondering is there anything key I must know about it, obviously you have so much here amongst all the threads but I'm new and a lil' scared (stupid I know) I just so want to get into it.

Lots of love, Wumpkie and her Deck x:Dx


Isn't it a wonderful deck:D

I only got it a few weeks ago and I've been just like you staring at it in awe. I don't think there's much you need to know as the cards seem to speak quite clearly but I think you have to be ready to jump into the world of Fey:D


Indeed I totally agree, I was out last night and when I came home all I wanted to do was look at them. However, too much alcohol persuaded me otherwise. ...ahem...
So I've started a Tarot journal for my daily readings so I can understand the cards what they mean and how they might link into my day. I hope that is the right way to go about it.

Wumpkie xXx :D

6 Haunted Days

Welcome Wumpkie! I am sure there is a study group for the Fey, you'll love it here!


I just got this deck too. I think its one that you have to dive right into. Its very unusual. I also, look at it in awe.

I think it would be best read intuitively. Im going to try not to look at the book until I get my own meaning of the cards.

I think Im going to draw a single daily card with it to get to know it a little better.