Another Photography Deck Coming

Luna's Crone

It's done by Rusty McDonald, over on this site.

I can't find the NAME of the deck, but he's in the process of doing all 78 cards. There's a facebook account for it too under the photography studio's name. The page on the url link also has other images not tarot related, so it's hard to pick them all out, you need to run the cursor over the image to get the title.

Moody, sort of dark, it looks interesting enough to post it here in case anyone else wanted to check it out.

He is selling prints, but at 'artist gallery' prices. Owch.

well not into photo decks, but this one gets my vote.


The artwork is so hypnotic... This will be a wonderful deck.. I would love to watch a shoot. Just beautiful!


i don't usually go for Photographic decks, either...but these are truly mesmerizing!


Impressive. As not everyone uses FB, I am posting the info here (hope that's Ok?):

"I've been focused working on the Tarot and have completed 49 of the cards with 3 more in progress. All of the Majors except for one have been completed which puts me well past the half way point! I'll share some of the new images shortly. There's also a wonderful interview in the new issue of FaerieMagazine in regards to the Tarot, in which I attempt to answer tough questions asked by talented editor Grace Nuth "


Those are really fantastic images. I like it! Dark, gothic and haunting. But also beautiful and deep. I am definitely going to follow this deck.



Following his facebook page IMMEDIATELY so I can know the exact moment when this deck is available to us! He should also maybe consider an oracle...a lenormand...a sybilla....a, uh..kipper....


I have to agree - I am not into photographic decks at all, but this one is amazing. Added myself to the list as well.