Another silly question


Hi there again,

This question will sound really silly to all you experienced readers but it's important to me to be certain.

Basically, I have now started to do readings about other people, not just for myself. So far I do not feel confident enough to do them face to face but I do enquire in readings about other people. My problem is: if I do a reading about another person, say a Celtic Cross, do all the cards refer to that person or does any of the cards refer to me, e.g. position 7 = the querent. Does that refer to the person for whom or about whom I do the reading or does it refer to me as the reader?

I assume it refers to the person the reading is for/about but I just want to be sure.

Thanks for your input.



It's not a silly question. We are all learning.

If you do a reading for someone, the cards all refer to the one you're doing the reading for. But you can use an "Other Reading" if you are simply curious about someone or something that doesn't involve you directly.

This is the way that Joan Bunning in "Learning the Tarot" explains the difference between a Question Reading, done for yourself or done for someone and an Other Reading, done about someone not for someone.

She states, "Ask yourself 3 questions: Do I feel strong emotions when I think about this person in this situation? Do I have a vested interest in this situation? Do I desire a particular outcome in this situation? If your answer is yes to any of these qustions, you should probably do a reading centered on yourself rather than do an Other Reading."


Hi arizonagirl,

Thanks for the advice but I still don't get it. Perhaps I did not put my question specifically enough.

I don't usually have problems reading for myself but I am finding it difficult to read for or about other people. (Actually, I have never read to anyone face to face yet so I guess the question really relates to readings about other people.)

Quite specifically, I have found out that a friend of my husband's has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and we were really shocked about it since the guy is only 29 years old and the tumor is most likely going to kill him. (Terrible, isn't it?). So I would like to do a reading about him - how he's holding out, if the chemotherapy is going to help, what the outcome will be etc. If I do that, will all questions pertain to him, also position 7, i.e. the querent?



Soraya: If the spread is thrown for someone else, with the intent to read for/about that person, then all the cards will relate to that person in some way. Card position 7 is designated as "Querent" or "Querent/Fears & Concerns" so would specifically refer to the querent or client.


Hope I'm not stirring up another tempest in a teapot, but just to put my 2 cents in, I would hope that you would get that person's permission before you did a reading on him.


Hi there,

That's a good point. Actually, I have not thought about it. I don't think I could ask that guy's permission though as I don't think he believes in cards.

In any case, I am not going to do the reading after all, I think. Don't have the guts to do it.

But thanks for raising this ethical point anyway.



Quote:DeLani (15 Jan, 2002 20:02):
Hope I'm not stirring up another tempest in a teapot, but just to put my 2 cents in, I would hope that you would get that person's permission before you did a reading on him.

My thought exactly ... that is why I did not respond to this post originally. I have ethical issues about doing readings about poeple without their consent. Thanks for mentioning this, I did not know how to phrase it.

Love & Light,


Well, this might be another one of those can of worms we don't want to open..but..I usually don't like to do card readings on health issues. To me it's hard to interpret. I think the cards should be used more on a spiritual level than a physical one. Like if you asked if, "there was anything he should keep in mind to get him through his sickness? " I think that would be different than, "Is he going to die?" I love reading cards, but I don't think they can replace the advice aof a good physician. :)



I regularly read FOR people in their absence if I haven't time to do it in their presence. I ask a question on behalf of the other person and the cards always represent the other person. They don't represent me at all.


I don't see an ethical problem with reading about someone you know and care about. That's the whole idea behind Tarot. If you can't use the cards to give yourself peace of mind, why bother reading at all?

I think the ethical issues arise when you discuss those types of readings with others, or when you provide unsolicited advice based upon your reading. Its the public disclosure of private information that probably concerns me the most.

I analagize it to seeing a friend and drawing conclusions about their character from your observations. Its impolite to gossip and its bad manners to comment on your observations. Tarot readings are just a different type of seeing.

If its bad form to do it in person, then its a pretty good rule of thumb to use when reading cards as well.