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Here is an interesting card....

Hidden Enemy has come up a couple of times in my readings, but I never looked at it up-close until just now...the meaning of the card seems fairly obvious, right?

This is a "dark" card, both in visual appearance and meaning. There is a lot of black in this card...a faceless figure lurks behind a curtain, all we can see is the figure's chin and a gloved hand moving the curtain.

But wait a I looked more closely, I began to notice or perceive a few things that I had never noticed before.

First....anyone notice that there is a black circle covering the face??? In other words, it is not just that the face is hidden naturally, in the has been deliberately BLOCKED from view. This, to me, suggests intent...the person is making a conscious effort to sabotage us in some way...keeping his/her actions, identity and motives out of view.

As an afterthought, I noticed that the chin which is partially visible looks almost skull-like, reminding me of the woman behind the mask in the Jealousy card. Also standing in front of a window, as she was...

The other thing I noticed--again, maybe just my visual perception here--is that the hand looks like it might also be skeletal....I can see it both ways actually. Is it gloved (covered) or skeletal (exposed)??? What do you see here???

Very interesting...never imagined I would have gotten so much from this study deck!

:) Luna


This *is* a card that warrants a closer look, as you have so wonderfully articulated.

For myself, as I looked closer at the card, for the first time really - it hasn't come up in the course of my readings yet - I could see the black circle you speak of, blotting out the face of the implied enemy.

And, it looks like those black bars that are put over the naughty parts of girly mags, except here... this person is *standing right in fornt of you*!

If the black dot wasn't there, you'd be looking this person square in the eye. Who is it?

The curtains look like bamboo cage bars to me too, I don't know why.

I can also see the skeletal look of the hand, as well as the gloved. I love images that do this to me when reading, like reading sophisticated inkblots... which picture presents itself to my eye today? It gives you some texture when reading the card itself, so to speak.


Here is the card:


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OK im freakin out, I was going to start a new thread on this card and boom here it was. I drew both the hidden enemy and the jealosy card in the same spread. So im looking at the hidden enemy and what first strikes me is the gloved hand with one finger up. it looks as if the enemy could be shooshing you. The other thing that struck me is the curtain lines. Alissa guess what number found me again? 11, to the left, ripples to the right. this card gives me nothing but anxiety.


jhnodoubt said:
The other thing that struck me is the curtain lines. Alissa guess what number found me again? 11, to the left, ripples to the right. this card gives me nothing but anxiety.
Oooohhhhh geez~! :eek: jh has had 11:11's following her nonstop.

I think this could refer to a chip off the Mistake cup, myself. Someone is *jealous* of the progress you've made in certain areas for the past nearly year now... and is your hidden enemy due to that state of jealousy they are in.

Do a Search function on 11 11 and see what you find, it's been discussed here in other forums quite a bit over time. You might be intrigued ;)....

Edited to add : NO~! WAIT~! It's been 11 months behind you that you've made this progress in life! That is the eleven behind. *That* is the source of the Hidden Enemy's jealousy... hence your anxiety.