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I have only had this deck a day... and, I have pulled this card 3 times. What is it trying to tell me?

It shows the hands and body of a man in a suit and tie. His hands which look quite old, are resting on a couple of books which implies wisdom with age and knowledge.

I see wisdom as not being quite that simple. The card shows an intelligence, the wisdom of being learned because of the suit and tie, but to me wisdom is meaningful if found through living and experience.

What is interesting about this deck is not only 'what' the subject is but also the very good use of light and dark. In this card it's the White parts which are saying 'wisdom' - the hands and the books.


Not sure

I am not sure what the card means/is trying to tell you, but I wanted to say something about 'wisdom'.

They say wisdom comes with age but I disagree. Wisdom comes from life experiences, and if you had a lot at a young age, you will "grow" faster. Such as children who are terminally ill become "old" for their age.

Wisdom does not come from books. Knowledge comes from books, if you apply that knowledge well in "real" life, then it becomes wisdom. Of course you need the intelligence to understand the knowledge. But knowledge can come from a lot of other sources besides books.

I know some really really air-headed people who are old, and some really wise "children".


Because I like to turn things on their head....

Wisdom = books? Sometimes, sure. But... we're assuming the books are pictured there for us to *read*.

What if those are books we've written by our own *hands*?

What if those books symbolically contain the story of our life, and its experiences? What if we're handing knowledge over, now that we are old (as seen in the skin of the hands), and our turn is over?

To me, although the hands look like they belong to the same person, I still see one as caressing the other.

I am reminded of the Hindu akashic records - a metaphysical location where All Knowledge is stored.

Books also show us a symbol of wisdom that endures. People come and go. A good book will last damn near forever (as long as it's not burnt).


Alissa said:

But... we're assuming the books are pictured there for us to *read*.

What if those are books we've written by our own *hands*?

I like this Alissa, there is more to this card, I knew it!

So maybe this is my Wisdom for the day......


y'know the strangest thing occured with this card...

Here I was reading your description of the image, Moonbow*, and I couldn't recall ever seeing it...

So I went through the deck searching...and sure enough...the Wisdom card is not in there!!

And I didn't even realize til now!(what with so many crads in there!)

I may have lost it (I have been taking this deck with me everywhere lately!) Or it may just have not been included.

Sigh. I guess I'll just have to get me another one....Luckily they are not very expensive.


I need to go and count mine now!

The first thing I do with a Tarot deck is make sure the cards are all there but as you say, there are so many of these little tiddlers that it would be easy to miss one.

I hope you find it Chronata


I have 73 cards in my deck, btw....


Me too Alissa, 73, but do you know what?

Four spreads and four times Wisdom has come out!!!

So, I'm either very wise :D or I'm searching for wisdom, or I've found wisdom, or I need wisdom or....... :p

I may leave it out of the next one I do :)