Anxiety Spread


I made this for myself, because i suffer quite bad anxiety attacks, some times i dont really know why i have it, so i thought this spread would help me. Any suggestions or ideas would be really helpful!


1 - You before the anxiety
2+3 - Cause of anxiety
4/5/6 relationships
4- How it is affecting your relationship with friends
5- How it is affecting your work
6- How it is affecting your relationship with your family
7- You now
8+9- Steps to take to aliviate anxiety

I just did this spread on myself and i must say it worked quite well!


That's terrific! I really like it



Cool Spread

Thanks for the spread; you are not the only one who suffers from anxiety or with me it may be called worry wart syndrome. But, nevertheless your spread could be very beneficial to me.

autumn star

thanks for the spread ...

I also sometimes feel anxious about things ... although I know that I have no cause to. I think that all people feel anxious about things at times.

I think that this spread will come in useful for me ...

thanks for sharing :)


Thanks for the feedback, it means alot to me knowing i've contributed in some way to the forum :)



Wow what a great spreaad I'm a new member and I may only be 16 but I get anxiety attacks which I call panic attacks. And recently I've been understanding them more but I will definitly have to try this spread thanks so much for this idea. :)
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I had this one marked to try, and I'm so glad I did! I've started having bad bouts of anxiety in the past few years, and although I usually know the vague cause, this spread was very useful in analysing the situation - especially in terms of how it affects my relationships with people. Thank you for sharing it. :) I'll know to use it in future to help calm myself down and be more objective.


This looks like a really good spread, I'll have to try it later! :)


Thanks Tabatha, Rhian and Akusaa! It means alot to me that it's been helpful


This looks like a really uselful spread. Thanks for sharing! :D