Any Cosmic Tarot Users


I see where there used to be a study group for the Cosmic Tarot but it seems to have fallen by the wayside. Does any one know what happened to it or the person who started it? I use only the Cosmic Tarot and am new at it so was hoping maybe somewhere out there. there is a study group to read what others think of this deck.



Hi Jeremy,

There was indeed a Cosmic Tarot study group. The threads can be found by looking in the Index of study groups at the top of the General Study groups page. Click on the link.

There are many Cosmic Tarot users here on AT, I'm sure if you wanted to revive the group you could easily do so.

Drop me a PM if you need any help.


Sulis xx
moderator - General Study Groups


Interest in a Cosmic Tarot Study Group Thread

How many people are interested in a study group about the Cosmic Tarot. I will be posting my own thoughts on the cards in the next few days. So anyone who is interested please keep a lookout for my posts and join in.