Any Kipper readers around?



I have made a spread using:

on the question

'What is going to happen in next 6 months between X and Y'

Quick backstory: X and Y were togetter/complicated (kids seperated, not divorced). X and Y co-workers. She to soon move away geographically.


These would be in columns going down the page...

Marriage card/ change
Expectation/ short illness
Gaining a lot of money/ False person
Main person (male)/receiving a gift

Then I asked for a year:

Marriage card/Rich young girl
High Honours / success in love
Gaining a lot of money / grief and adversity

Ok, looks like and ending in tgat relationship beteeen X and Y. Then she has a rest and then there sens to be another relationship together but this isn't easy... in the card the male is having a hard time so maybe it's due to his past. And because 'success in love' is right next to it, that should come to a good end?

Any other corrections?