any tarot you wanted to invest in but it was above the standard price ?


for me it is the carol herrizing illuminated tarot..
the third edition of bohemian gothic tarot, perhaps some day.
and the cirom guilded tarot royale.


Same for me on the was just always priced right out of my league. But still I drooled over it, especially as I collect Pixie...

Not so much the Bohemian Gothic. Nor the Gilded this case because the original is so much one of my beloveds, and many of the things that made it that for me were changed.

So...Just about ANY Pixie deck I don't have is in the list... :) But not much else (that I can think of at 1:30am. I may feel differently later, but hey, I won't be able to change or add to this... :/ )


I had my eye on that angel unpublished tarot a long time..
I was so hoping for a complete deck of it.

(speaking of unpublished tarots,, I so wanted the aquatic tarot to be published. )
in my opnion the images have degraded over time somehow,, they were so clear and vibrant in early 200s.
there is the granny jones link.

They came on to post a link to buy it, {The Angel one}but something was going on and they didn't accept paypal at that time. I didn't buy then, but wish they would sell it again and accept paypal :)

The Aquatic Tarot is very pretty. :)

Thanks for posting the link. I think the granny jones looks child like almost, but I heard that it was very fun to read with and deep.