any thoughts on (recycled) owls?


WOW! That is really cool! How did the artist(s) ever even think of this? Very cool! :thumbsup:

Well, I would say yes, that the owl most likely is telling you to trust your intution. This is part of owl's message. And, apparently, the owls message is getting through to you, as you are heeding its message. This is good! And, yes, I do believe that the owl will continue to lead you further on this path. Generally, once they come to you to guide you-they stick with you until their "job" is done. :D

That's cool again, haha! Yeah, I'm gonna pay more attention to my intuition - just today I got a phonecall from a new friend who is very much into spirituality, meditation and so on, but seems kind of fishy to me anyways, so I'm gonna watch out and try to have a good overview of the situation, like an owl :) Thanks again for your responses!