anyone ever astral travel in their sleep?


My questions have more to do with if there ARE spirits, or life after life - how does it work? Are there alternate dimensions, or even universes, and those are the places we go to after we die, and also the places we visit with things like astral travel?

sorry Bhavana, I didn't see these questions. As for how does 'life after life' works, I don't really know for sure. I do know that my father is greeting all the family and friends who pass away. He has come to me a few times when friends have passed away and the announcements have not even been made yet. Twice I had c. my mother to tell her that dad came to tell me that 'so & so died' and mom would wait for the phone call from their families to confirm it--which always did come.

One couple who were very close friends to my parents, when the last of that couple died, it was close to when their wedding anniversary would've been. My parents and they always remembered each other wedding anniversarys, birthdays, etc. So, my mother bought some flowers and had a Mass said for them and placed the flowers on their gravesite. My father came through to me with them and a bunch of other friends of both who had passed. He told me to thank mom for it, (she didn't tell me she did this either) and that they were celebrating it there in heaven, and sure enough, they were all there, looking quite happy and it was like a huge party! Often the way it was when they were all alive. lol. I don't really know why or how, just that it is. My father was a huge card player/gambler and is always telling me about another poker game he is putting together in this 'new life' too. :p I only hope that he is as good in heaven as he was in this earthly life--he was always a lucky man & good with poker. :laugh:

Also, the night my Dad died, he came to me in a dream and it was SO real and vivid that I am sure to this day (34 years later) that it was more than a dream and that it was really him. I just know it 100%. And I do believe my angels often guide me through my dreams.

:) what a wonderful visit, SC! I also believe that our angels guide us. in life and with our dreams. they are always with us--just like our family and friends who are now deceased.


I have serious sleep apnea and would often wake up with a jolt because I had stopped breathing. Appropriate treatment has stopped that from happening. Imagining that one has an "astral body" which independently flies around during sleep is interesting. I wonder if it accounts for seemingly precognitive dreams.