Apartment living - Help me understand


6 pentacles Rx + 7 swords Rx
I know the people in the building are to me very culturally different from me. They look to be older in addition there seems to also be a lot of foreigners in the building. So I figure there may be huge social differences...but I am not the type to really converse with my neighbors. I usually avoid them because in the end you don't know who you are really talking to.
The two cards to me indicates more like neighbors that avoid one another. The 6 of pentacles RX is like a charitable card...I am guessing they won't be that interested in getting involved in your life. The 7 swords Rx may just be "two face" but not exactly in the negative...to me it would indicate people that won't get close to you so it ends up only knowing their "public" identity...
Quality (of apartment)
5 swords + Emperor RX
This really stumps me. I am guessing it looks good...but it's not the best quality. The emperor Rx makes me think it's not the best quality even though it looks good. The 5 of swords is a win-win situation to me....it looks good...doesn't cost that much money. But, it's not the best quality out there.
Queen Pentacles Rx + 2 swords
Queen of pentacles is like a housekeeping card...with it reversed I think it could indicate something overly taken care of or not taken care of in the most efficient way. The 2 of swords is usually someone who guards their heart the woman's arms are crossed across the chest. I am assuming the 2 of swords might also mean cameras.

(If I do move into the apartment...I would continue to be proofing stuff just because I am neurotic and well raised in city life...so I always take extra precautions to make sure of safety in all manners.)