Archeon - Ace of Swords



The Ace of Swords is my card of the day and since I have let it in sight some ideas have come in my mind that I want to share.

This card represent a sword, point down, piercing a skull, facing to the right.

The background is black, grey and beige, looking like a mix between a radiograph and some old paper, with some illisible writings and a m (astrologic symbol?) a "Sio." or "Lion" and 56.

The skull has a crown of blue light (like the one of the liberty statue) and is glowing. Light comes from inside the skull and is brighter in the mouth and nose area, where the air and the voice go through.

There is something looking like a metallic scale on the right border.

The skull represent the mind, the light truth and it concentrates itself where the words are vocalized.
The radiograph is another way to see what is really there > the truth again.

The old paper and the writings are related to messages, letters.

I could see this card representing headake or toothake too...


Light emanates from the skull,- like thoughts radiating and their energy is made visible.
The mouth and jaw are sepecialy light: Thought may lead to speach that leads to thought and maybe again speach in others.....
The universe / multiverse was first just a thought.....
The sword points down....
We are to center into our mind and observe the thoughts within....


The power of the crystal skull remains shrouded in mystery...

Ace of Swords represents: mental energy, focus, courage, fecundity, discipline, clairvoyance, opportunity, fresh starts.

Ace of Swords inverted represents: embarrassment, folly, illusion, threats, cruelty, emotional conflicts, undesired results, possible wrong decisions, delays and shocks.

Notice energy emanating from skull, old writings

The suit of Swords is indicative of the mind and of change or transformation. It is also associated with the element of air, and in the Archeon Tarot often indicates a more masculine perspective.


The ace of swords represents a conquest -- it is clear from the energy emanating from the skull that this has a positive consquence for the vanquished -- some kind of realisation.