Archeon Tarot - 2 of Cups


I just bought this deck last night. Couldnt resist! Beautiful artwork!

The 2 of cups bothered me though, because she seemed alone and I am used to the 2 of Cups being 2 people, a partnering/relationship.

But, I worked it out in my head. This deck begs to be looked at with an eye for storytelling and imagination as to what's going on in the card. The LWB doesnt say much about the minor arcana. Maybe a good thing. I have the 2 of cups all worked out for me and I dont want it spoiled. haha!

So here is how I see it:

Her posture says it all. She isnt alone. You just don't see her lover/partner behind her as they kiss the back of her neck. ;)

And the fact that there are 2 cups and not one, tells me she was expecting this person and set the 2 cups out- filled with some sweet exotic wine or liquer of some kind. They are in for a fun night! ;)

What are your thoughts and how do you see this card?


yes she seems fulfilled and ecstatic almost in a reverie/dream/at peace/thanking the gods that she has found love - also like that sweet cosy after sex feeling when everything in the world is alright

and agree about the 2 cups waiting for her lover if he's not in the background somewhere lol

is that his head on the left of her neck and is that his hand on the bottom of her right hand

need better specs LOL!

congrats on your new deck, hope you get lots of enjoyment using it


And I thought of something else! But having the lover somewhere in the background would be better than what I was thinking.
But she is in a pretty sensuous position. She seems to attract her lover closer.


She seems to be projecting the feeling that she is sensual and she is ready for her lover. He/she could be in background he/she could be on their way but she is ready. My first thought when I saw this card was that her love is otherworldy. The mist and shodows that play around her are her lover perhaps waiting to crystalise into a more um ........... harder physical form but still enjoying the feathery feel of the mist and shadows on her skin around her.


um - harder physical form? lol think we got the gist of that tee hee

well this card if anything shows the *theres nothing better than this* FEELINGS involved when 2 people get together, so whether the partner is there or not - it describes the wonderful love feeling between them - so its about sweet love/ecstasy per se


I can only see one person in this card. If there is another it is so obscure that the artist must intend it to be a representation of her imagination, so I see her imagining she is with someone else. What has this got to do with togetherness. Perhaps it's that togetherness is an illusion, just lots of oneness. I often think about this as I tap away into my PC. Is this interaction? How does it differ from a face-to-face conversation? Ideas are exchanged but the dimensions of time and space are very different!


Her hair is flowing behind her. Her right hand on her right thigh/hip and her left hand down at her left side. She is positioned as if to seduce whom ever is there watching her. The sun is so hot that it ignites her passion for you even more. Her being in her birthday suit, could also mean some kind of rebirth. You and She will raise your chalices to new beginnings and partnership.