Archeon Tarot 2 of Swords


In her vigilance, the guardian remains steadfast and alone...

Two of Swords represents: stalemate, impasse, uncertainty, valor, restriction, delay, a guarded demeanor, mental paralysis, relationship troubles, infidelity, divorce or separations in relationships, business endings.

Two of Swords inverted represents: false friends, treachery, lies, a coerced decision, avoiding responsibility.

Notice moon behind female, downward pointing swords, arms crossing chest, face half hidden.

The suit of Swords is indicative of the mind and of change or transformation. It is also associated with the element of air and in the Archeon Tarot, often indicates a more masculine perspective.


I think the crossed arms (which echo the crossed swords) are a good image to represent an impasse in a conflict.


see the color of swords, both are reflection of each other