Archeon Tarot 6 of Swords


In twilight's wake, the Naiad drifted along...

Six of Swords represents: an envoy, a messenger, travel, calm waters, smooth sailing, relaxation, self-development, progress, a necessary journey, a move.

Six of Swords inverted represents: revelation, surprise, cancelled travel, a warning of difficulties ahead.

Notice 5 dark Swords 1 clear Sword, moon pictured, hidden images?

The suit of Swords is indicative of the mind and of change or transformation. It is also associated with the element of air and in the Archeon Tarot, often indicates a more masculine perspective.


Wikipedia: "The Naiads or Naiades (Ναϊάδες from the Greek νάειν, "to flow," and νἃμα, "running water") were a type of nymph who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks....Naiads could be dangerous: Hylas of the Argo's crew was lost when he was taken by naiads fascinated by his beauty"

Is this the Argos we see in the picture? Avoiding problems and running away are also associated with the six of swords.


I am currently studying this card, as it popped up in relevant positions in shadow work, so I decided to start Archeon studies from 6 of swords, instead of High Priestess or the Fool like I usually do with cards.

I was quite confused at first - the first word in my mind was "travel!". The card also seemed quite romantic. But then it transformed into sailing smoothly through a very very silent sea and there is danger lurking all around.

I am also getting "going with the flow" from this card. Trying to decipher the verse from LWB, together with the image, I would say that the ship is about to sail into the dark night, but we sail on, unknowing what the threats are; or - it's always darkest before the dawn, could twilight also be the darkness of the morning?

At first glance, the card is just a ship with seven swords, but it is actually very deep and invokes several meanings.