Archeon Tarot Ace of Cups


Affairs of the heart lead to intrigue at the masquerade...

Ace of Cups represents: love, pleasure, happiness, tryst, affair, liaison, romance, beginnings, new ventures or projects, your hearts desire, growth.

Ace of Cups inverted represents: sadness, boredom, deceit, the need for change, broken heart, novelty, distrust, paranoia, self pity, unfocused, addictive, over-sentimental or nostalgic.

Notice decorative masks, reflections on cup, old writings, hidden images throughout card...

The suit of Cups is considered to be the province of the heart and emotions. It is also associated with the element of water, and in the Archeon Tarot, often indicates a more feminine perspective.


This card makes me wonder how often happiness is a mask. Probably not that often, but it's all the more sad when it is.