Archeon Tarot Ace of Wand


Archeon Tarot Ace of Wands

The scepter was only a symbol of their power...

Ace of Wands represents: origin, source, beginnings, optimism, inventiveness, enthusiasm, drive, a new venture, opportunity, new job, adventurous, confidence, enterprising, independence.

Ace of Wands inverted represents: powerlessness, impotence, vexation, pessimism, delays, difficulties, lack of tact or diplomacy, words spoken in the heat of the moment, things started but not finished, burnout, selfish.

Notice the full moon, the hieroglyphics, old manuscript, ornate wallpaper

The suit of Wands is connected with passion and spirituality. It is also associated with the element of fire. In the Archeon tarot, the suit often indicates a more feminine perspective than in traditional tarot.


NightTrips said:
The scepter was only a symbol of their power...

So did they have the power or not? Yes.
Who are they? The regents of Ancient Athens.
Did they need the symbol? Who knows?