Archeon Tarot Five of Wands


Though we could not see him, we sensed our enemy's presence...

Five of Wands represents: rivalry, conflict, challenge, struggle, opposition, ongoing arguments, office politics, backbiting, discord, small mindedness, petty trouble making.

Five of Wands inverted represents: triumph, relief, achievement, ascendency, resolution of discord.

Notice faint five Wands in background, warrior figure, image of hand on warriors heart, warriors mask

The suit of Wands is connected with passion and spirituality. It is also associated with the element of fire. In the Archeon Tarot, the suit often indicates a more feminine perspective than in traditional Tarot.


There's something deeply psychological behind this card...something deeply primitive behind the mask wearing and evasion.


The hand print over the heart and the primal looks sort of leads me to think "act with your heart/instinct"