Archeon Tarot Herald of Swords


The Herald appeared before them, a harbinger of doom...

The Herald of Swords represents: a spy, upsetting news, penetrating insight, quick changes, decisiveness, a tricky character, one who creates trouble.

The Herald of Swords inverted represents: gossip, attack, blackmail, cynicism, suspicion, unexpected problems, conspiracy.

Notice the dark color of the Herald, Sword is grasped in hand ready for a fight?, dark horn in upper corner, dark cloud surrounding lower Herald.

The suit of Swords is indicative of the mind and of change or transformation. It is also associated with the element of air and in the Archeon Tarot, often indicates a more masculine perspective.


This is one of the sexiest cards in the deck. I'm not quite sure what she's saying. I think she does look like trouble and someone who is more than capable of playing the victim.