Archeon Tarot Herald of Wands


She embraced the flame as a sign for all to see...

Herald of Wands represents: good news, pleasure, satisfaction, optimism, vigor, excitement, effort, energy, enthusiasm.

Herald of Wands inverted represents: ill news, displeasure, broken heart, worry, chagrin, distress or embarrassment, frustration, anxiety.

Notice wings, posture/attitude of Herald, fiery appearance.

The suit of Wands in connected with passion, and spirituality. It is also associated with the element of fire. In the Archeon Tarot, the suit often indicates a more feminine perspective than in traditional Tarot.


We should mention innocence or inexperience. Fire can be dangerous in the wrong hands. I see a childish defiance in her expression and stance.


I definitely see smugness, here I am for all to see and I stand here victorious! (you didn't think I had it in me, and yet here I am;) )