Archeon Tarot - XV The Devil


In a dark place. That is exactly where the devil comes from for me. This card represents that "place" very well. With the background being almost completely dark and ominous. Half man half beast with perhaps wings on his back, this represents the devil well. He has a look on his face like "you have got NOTHING on me" or "I will show you". The devil represents temptation, addiction, obsession, uncontrolled desire, lust. The devil can come to us in life through many forms, the opposite sex, alcohol, drugs, food, money the list is endless. Anything or person who tempts us can represent the devil.


Very true NightTrips! I view The Devil card as saying that we've gotten ourselves into a bad place, but at the same time it's easy to get out of it, since the chains binding the man and the woman are so loose they could easily escape if they wanted to. Then again, they both appear rather content in their chains, and not practicularly wanting to leave them anytime soon, so I can defintely see where the element of addiction can come into play here (using the Universal Waite deck).


You are so right!

I agree. The devil is in all of us. But many of us are unable to escape the clutches of the devil. Many of us have no desire to escape. Its a slippery slope and we need to be aware of it. The devil can also represent that "side" of us we need to watch out for. We all have our own "devils" both internal and external to face and deal with. You are so right. Thanks......


I'll take a stab at what I see. One caveat: I just opened the deck about 15 minutes before this thread caught my attention. :D

I do see excess in this devil. His horns and legs very closely resemble a satyr, more than a typically brutish or menacing "devil" figure. That excess isn't depicted as explicit addiction. That certainly does get implied, but so do folly and psychological dependency.

The wings are not attached this devil. Given the style of artwork featured in the entire deck, it appears to be half star chart and half scientific/medical diagram. The devil himself is excess, but the wings are created by a higher calling of the mind. The two are separate.

It looks like the wings have replaced the typically chained figures, in that regard and purpose.

I'm kind of glad that this thread caught my attention. At a first glance, there did not appear to be much fine detail in this deck. It now appears that a deeper examination is in order.


The LWB quotes Oscar Wilde: The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it...before rather more seriously saying "there is a fine line between yielding to temptation and allowing yourself to be controlled by your desires."


The horned one...