Archeon Tarot XVI The Tower


"Its a dangerous business going out your front door." - J.R.R. Tolkien

The tower is being destroyed. It appears to be on fire and perhaps a tornado is tearing it apart. This reminds us that nothing is forever and change is the only constant in life we can count on. However, the figure in this card is huddled with her hands over her head as if trying to protect herself. Perhaps she is afraid of being hurt, afraid of facing reality, afraid of accepting the truth. This card I feel represent the trials and tribulations we all face throughout our daily lives. Some great and some small. Yet in the end change is good and time waits for no one. "Even the most prepared face times when the unexpected present a challenge. It is how that challenge is met that determines the true character of the individual."

represents: trauma, destruction, ruin, loss, danger and crisis

inverted represents: suffering, refusal to let go, despair, and depression


Yes, I like the way this card shows the image of destruction as a projection of the mind of the huddled girl.