Archeon Tarot XXI The World


Don't go around saying the World owes you a living. The World owes you nothing. It was here first. - Mark Twain

To understand one's place in the World, it is essential to know thyself. Only through conscious realization are we free to detach ourselves from the shackles of day-to-day living and observe the universe for the grand design it truly is. How we use this knowledge is equally important. When at last you understand your role in the universe, you will find the World is ready to reward you for your efforts.

Mastery of one's self cannot be accomplished without great effort. Because of this, there are many who would rather try to reshape the World than change themselves. What they fail to understand is that the key to changing the World lies within.

Notice the leaves they remind us of the cycles of the seasons, the veins on the leaves remind us of our own inner strengths, the starry night reminds us of the universe.

The World represents: the circle, nature, peace, perfection, attainment, self-realization, arrival, achievement, success story, fulfillment, happy ending.

The World inverted represents: ill reward, recompense, lack of closure, stagnation, unfinished business, sacrifice of love or goals, payback for an evil deed.


Perhaps the turning leaves remind us that we do not achieve true self-realisation until we are approaching the autumn of our years!