Are they ready for a relationship with you? Spread


I created a spread for anyone who has a platonic relationship with someone and can't seem to turn that form of relationship into a romantic one instead. You know that you are ready to be romantic with the one you adore, but you don't seem to know why they are so slow starting one with you.

1. What is the relationship in general?

2. How does A (he or she) feel about B (you)?

3. What type of relationship does A want to have with B?

4. Why hasn't A started a relationship with B yet?

5. According to A, what would be the perfect situation to have a relationship with B?

6. What is A doing inorder to prepare for a relationship with B?

7. Until A is ready to enter a relationship with B, how will A continue to treat B?

8. What advice should B be given concerning A?

9. What can B expect this week from A based on A's intentions/possible actions concerning B?

If you have any ideas to add to this spread, please do. No, i don't have spread layout pattern because I don't bother with that stuff.


I really like this spread, these are the kinds of things I wonder about often when in a new relationship/crush.

I got some pretty heavy cards and don't know what it all means, but I do think he's been thinking about me from the looks of the cards I got!


It's a really lovely spread... Just finished reading a throw concerning a relationship I've had that has, quite frustratingly, never left the platonic stage... And had some good insights, as well as affirmation of my own thoughts -- and confirmation that he is a special person... And that he and I need to talk. ;)

Thanks for posting it. Julien


Mine wasn't so good. Poor me. I am so unlucky in love.

Perhaps, we should exchange readings on this spread? Who wants too?


Ooops! Sorry about that link to the sad face--I did something wrong, obviously...!



I have done a reading using this spread for you (with you in mind) I think you will find it quite interesting. It's quite long and is in a ms word format. Is it possible for me to email it to you. If that is ok PM your addy to me.

Love light and peace


I am willing to return the favor. Thank you. I will pm you.


Thanks, seems to get deep in the cracks in what i want to know :)


EXACTLY what I need - now to have someone do the spread for me! :p Well - it's a pref but not absolutely hard-&-fast...!